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FAAC was founded in 1971 specifically to create military weapons simulations for the U.S. armed services.  Since 2002 FAAC’s Operator Driving Simulators (ODS) have been a major contributor to the training of military Motor Transport Operators, setting the standard for real-time military weapons training and assessment. FAAC advancements help trainees learn critical skills safely and affordably.


Military Operator Simulation Training

All operator driver training simulator solutions have scalable displays to emulate a 180 to 225-degree field-of-view.  The hardware configurations range from full six-degree-of-freedom motion-based sims to fixed-base simulators with motion seats and force-feedback steering.  Simulator cabs can be generic (with swappable dashboards and instruments), built into actual production vehicle cabs, or swappable cabs. The simulation software automatically changes the field-of-view and driving dynamics to match the real-world idiosyncrasies of various armor systems or load types.


Operator Driving Simulator

FAAC’s Military Operator Driving Simulator (ODS) has been field-proven to give better results at reduced training costs:

  • Improve knowledge retention by up to 90%
  • Increase driver efficiency by up to 200%
  • Reduce accident rate
  • Reduce vehicle operation and maintenance costs

The operator driver training solutions come with an advanced software suite that coordinates motion cues, visual cues, and scenarios while taking trainees through your validated curriculum.  The standard software package includes a six-level training curriculum, ranging from Beginner Driver up to Advanced Tactical Driver.

Training scenarios are built on our extensive visual library of generic or site-specific environments and include all weather conditions and both scripted and autonomous entities.

This learning system increases scenario difficulty as trainee performance warrants monitoring the driver along with more than 50 parameters. Whenever a customer-defined threshold is exceeded on any parameter, the instructor is alerted via the Instructor Operator Station (IOS).

Drivers are scored dynamically, based on current skill level and past performance.  If trainees fail a scenario, the learning software can recommend remedial scenarios.  But the instructor is always in control:  The instructor can always opt for a different scenario, or modify a scenario in real-time, changing weather, light conditions, visibility, adding vehicle malfunctions, and so on.

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VCTS Military Training Simulators

Crew and Collective Training

FAAC’s immersive simulator-based crew and collective training solutions provide real-world experiences, honing soldiers’ skills and judgment before they go anywhere near the field of operations. Our mission is to ensure that army personnel, whether a driver or an engineer, have the skills they need to minimize risks. Simulation training programs ensure that the trainee can operate collectively as a crew under any circumstance – whether in combat conditions or simply on patrol.

FAAC’s custom hardware/software simulation solutions allow you to easily create complex real-time scenarios, and for your trainees to experience them in an emotionally vivid way at a low cost and with no risk of injury. We’ve built simulators for a wide range of platforms using real/replica equipment with scenarios to practice everything from basic vehicle and system operation to complex, multi-stage, multiparty training exercises. This collective simulation training for crews provides a high-fidelity training environment for individuals and crews to train in a way that will translate into operational excellence in the field. Move beyond simple traditional training and provide your personnel with an advanced scenario-based training system.

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Public Safety Simulation Training

Realistic environments provide real experience. Real industrial disasters, active shooter events, and municipal crises are rarely limited to one fire-fighting team, a single first-responder vehicle, or even a single agency or department. Real emergencies are truly complex phenomena, with many moving parts. FAAC solutions go beyond just drilling manual skills and protocols in a simulator or on a course. These are tools for honing good judgment in the heat of the moment, even as a variety of factors and pressures compete for your attention.

FAAC offers multiple fully integrated, immersive public safety simulation solutions composed of a network of individual simulations. FAAC solutions thread multiple learning events together through one constant scenario, optimized for adult learning. In order to assure superior skills retention, we focus on crafting an emotionally vivid hands-on experience that offers novel challenges while demanding participants immediately use target skills and apply appropriate policies.

Continuum of Training

FAAC’s Continuum of Training is a multi-level, full-cycle training solution for first responders and law enforcement. It effectively simulates both the physical and emotional realities of a complex scenario: multi-jurisdictional incidents or multi-threat situations in a range of weather conditions and settings—airports, railways, industrial areas, city streets, etc. Every scenario is fully programmable and customizable and can be modified as it runs, keeping students on their toes. This offers all the benefits of hands-on practical training in a safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-coordinate setting.

Continuum of Training solutions focus on:

• Vehicle driving and pursuit training
• First responder safety
• Situational awareness, coordination, and control
• Equipment operation
• Incident command

Over and over again our customers report that the real value in their integrated, immersive simulation solution is in the opportunities it creates for trainers to pinpoint exactly where their students are succeeding and falling short. FAAC offers tools to facilitate after-action debriefing, analyze trainee performance, and create custom scenarios unique to your needs. We train your trainers to train to your local laws, regulations, policies, and realities. As those change, so can your simulation.

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Transportation & Transit Training Simulators

FAAC’s responsive, immersive transit simulators create vivid virtual environments that have been demonstrated to improve safety through basic skills development, refresher activities, annual certifications, and remedial lessons. FAAC transit simulator solutions have improved safety performance by more than 60 percent for preventable accidents, while decreasing the new-hire washout rate by 35 percent. Most importantly, with a FAAC transit simulator, you can reap all of these benefits with absolutely no risk to equipment, workers, or the community.

Realistic training for a host of transit vehicles.

A transit simulator may be as simple as a multi-screen, interactive virtual model of generic situations faced by drivers. Or it can be a fully custom hardware/software system, with specific geographical elements matching your area and the actual routes through communities you serve. FAAC can build complete cabs, precisely matching your fleets’ controls, indicators, gauges, and switches, with motion seats and wraparound screens. Every simulation supports real-time rendering and control of lighting conditions (day, night, dusk, dawn, glaringly bright to overcast), equipment failures, signal faults, and a full range of weather conditions, with extremely fine control of weather severity and mix.

Our versatile simulator designs have resulted in training systems that can be used for basic skills development, refresher activities, annual certification, and remedial lessons. FAAC’s transit simulators are industry standard and continue to lead innovation and advancement.

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Driving Simulators for Research

Launched by its industry-leading software, SimCreator, Realtime Technologies, has steadily constructed a software suite for its research simulators like nothing else currently offered on the market. The vision for a real-time simulation and modeling system ultimately lead to the development of a software lineup that now includes over 10 supporting programs. By providing end-to-end support, RTI serves the entire simulation environment. The simulators are built-to-suit based on hardware and software specifications provided by the customer. By equipping the simulator in-house, RTI is able to offer customized solutions and endless possibilities.

Vehicle Simulation with SimCreator

The SimCreator driving simulation platform is designed to readily integrate into research environments. It’s a complete hardware/software solution, with every aspect configured to suit your research—from low-cost generic virtual driving simulators built around gaming-style steering and pedal sets, to custom mock-up vehicles with full instrumentation based on current or future production vehicles or concepts.

Using our SimCreator application software and hardware, the experience of the drive can be simulated in a way that replicates the feel of the road, providing an advanced modeling solution that can be integral to safety and engineering research. So whether your team is conducting academic research into road safety or your automotive industry engineering team needs to model how changes to the vehicle affect car performance, we provide the insightful analysis only possible through the use of an advanced simulator.

Our customers use the SimASAS plug-in for SimCreator for virtual testing of driver assistance systems, enabling safe research into distracted driving, performing simulation-based research on self-driving car technology, and more. SimCreator can be supplemented with additional simulation tools that enable real-time video capture, implementation of virtual scenarios and environments, and more.

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