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Providing world-class simulation based training solutions.

Arotech’s Training & Simulation Division (ATSD) develops, manufactures and markets advanced high-tech multimedia and interactive digital solutions for engineering, use-of-force, and operator training simulations used by military, law enforcement, security, municipal and private industry personnel.

The division’s fully interactive operator training systems feature state-of-the-art vehicle simulator technology enabling training in situation awareness, risk analysis and decision- making, emergency reaction and avoidance procedures, conscientious equipment operation, and crew coordination. Our simulators have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of operators.

We are a premier developer of analytical models and simulations of tactical air and land warfare systems for the Department of Defense and its related industrial contractors. Some of these systems include pilot decision-making support software for fighter aircraft, Aerial Refueling Boom Arm simulators and convoy trainers.

The division’s use-of-force training products and services allow organizations to train their personnel in safe, productive, and realistic environments.
The division provides consulting and developmental support for engineering simulation solutions.


Simulators, systems engineering and software products used for driver training on a wide range of wheeled vehicles. For US military, governments, municipalities, etc.
Since 1971 our simulations are found in the on-board computer of many fighter jet aircraft for training in various areas, such as weapon launch decisions and more recently to train military convoy operators to locate and defuse IEDs
“Prepare for the Unexpected” – intensified situational training. The international standard for interactive training systems used to properly train personnel in use of force and firearms as well as tactical judgment in a wide variety of customizable scenarios
World class driving simulation systems for research engineering addressing vehicle dynamics, modeling, graphical simulation and human factors used by automotive manufactures and research facilities.

Training & Simulation Division Businesses

FAAC Incorporated

FAAC Incorporated

For more than 50 years FAAC has provided systems engineering and software products to the U.S. government and private industry. We take a hands-on approach to developing our solutions, conducting tactical land and air combat analyses, and developing analytical models and simulations. The result is turnkey training systems for the US military and their related industrial contractors. Our services encompass all stages of a job, from problem definition to conceptual innovation and final solution.

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We supply interactive, multimedia, fully digital simulation training products to law enforcement, governmental and commercial clients to a large customer base in twenty countries around the world. MILO Range is the brand name of what was formerly our IES Interactive Training nameplate. Since 1994, our award-winning MILO Range product line has been continuously selected as the de-facto training simulator for all branches of law enforcement, military, security and public safety agencies throughout the United States and the world.

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Realtime Technologies

Realtime Technologies

Realtime Technologies (RTI) was founded in 1998 and was added to our Simulation group in 2008. RTI specializes in multi-body vehicle dynamics modeling and graphical simulation solutions and offers simulation software applications, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and software and hardware development.

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Inter-Coastal Electronics

Inter-Coastal Electronics

Incorporated in 1998, Inter-Coastal Electronics (ICE) is a state-of-the-art engineering company that develops, manufactures, fields, and maintains high quality test, telemetry, and training instrumentation systems and services for Warfighters and First Responders. Our products collect, process, transmit, and record live fire mission data across full spectrum operations providing wireless telemetry, geometric pairing, area weapon effects, and GPS tracking with performance feedback and high fidelity After Action Review (AAR). Fielded training systems support Aviation, UAS, Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, Ground Missile Systems, and Dismounted Personnel for U.S. DoD, and nine International Customers. ICE employs a stable of talented engineers with the requisite skills to implement the total live training experience for any mission, any environment, any platform.

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Key Programs

Virtual Clearance Training Suite (VCTS)

  • Trains route clearance teams to detect and neutralize improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  • Total contract funded value of $109m (28 suites) with an additional $32.8m in unfunded options. Originally awarded in 2011, current contracted efforts extend through 2016.
  • Received recent modification, valued at $36m, to reconfigure VCTS to match current route clearance doctrine; adding equipment and a fifth trailer to provide room for this and future requirements.

Boom Operator Simulator Systems

Trainer for Air National Guard Boom Operators

  • High fidelity immersive trainer replicating KC-135R Block 40 boom pod
  • BOSS for squadron level training to be co-located with operational KC-135 air refueling wings
  • BOSS provides Air National Guard with significant ROI and cost savings
  • Exercised options: 16 production units, a demonstrator retrofit, and initial 12 months Contractor Logistical Support
  • The ANG BOSS contract is funded for $25m over 5 years
  • Completed System acceptance for first unit and Aerial Refueling Airplane Simulator Qualification.

About Arotech

Arotech creates quality defense and security products for the military, law enforcement and homeland security markets.