Products & Solutions

Arotech Power Systems solutions

Epsilor offers a complete range of batteries for military applications including standard or custom battery packs and chargers for military devices, smart electronics, zinc-air batteries, and submarine batteries. They also specialize in power solution for aerospace, medical and EV applications.

For more information, see Epsilor.

UEC's innovative and well designed power solutions provide power wherever its needed - independent of grid capabilities. Its products optimize power distribution and management, extend the life cycles of costly equipment and maximize generator efficiency. UEC works with their customers to deliver everything they want and more.

For more information, see UEC Electronics.
EFB offers a comprehensive line of custom portable power sources and chargers for military, commercial and aerospace applications, with expertise in cell selection, battery pack design, assembly and smart charging electronics.

For more information, see Efbpower.

Electric Fuel, Ltd. safety products include different types of water-activated lifejacket lights for marine, aviation and special applications.

For more information, see Electric Fuel WAB.

SWIPES ™,  a Program of Record with the US Army, is a soldier-worn power distribution system used to power most of the Warfighters individually carried equipment. The system has many options of cables, charger adapters, hubs and pouches and virtually eliminates the need to carry spare batteries.

For more information, see SWIPES™.

Hybrid Power

Marine Corps Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Line (MEHPS) - For more information, click here.

Provectus Energy Product Line - For more information, click here.

Arotech Training & Simulation solutions

FAAC's world class solutions span driver trainers for military and municipal/commercial vehicles, pilot trainers for air warfare, aerial refueling, public safety and first response trainers. FAAC designs products with their customers' welfare in mind and our ethic is summed up in our "customers for life" goal.

For more information, see FAAC Incorporated.

MILO safe and true-to-life Use of Force training offers a wide variety of products and solutions with proven effectivity and versatility. There are COTS as well as fully customizable solutions for every budget. MILO systems are used to train law-eforcement officers and others effective and proper use of force and firearms.

For more Information, see MILO.

Realtime Technologies, Inc. (RTI) specializes in real-time multibody vehicle dynamics and graphical simulation and modeling. We offer simulation software applications, consulting, custom engineering, software, and hardware development. Realtime Technologies’ customer base includes international, government and private entities.

For more information, see RTI.

Intensified Situational Training for EMT, EMS and Paramedics. Designed to test judgment and decision-making skills. Our scenarios test proper medical assessment, differential diagnosis, ethical and emotional situations, situational awareness, observational skills and personal safety.

For more information, see MILO Response.

Virtual Convoy Training Simulator: real experience for Convoy IED Route Clearance.

FAAC’s simulator trains engineers to clear routes of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) for military convoys. The simulator is full suite trainer contained in 5 semi-trailers and teaching proficiency on 4 types of vehicles.

For more information, see FAAC Crew Training.