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Innovative design, rapid prototyping and lean manufacturing for aerospace, defense, medical and industrial applications worldwide

  • We develop and sell rechargeable and primary lithium batteries, and smart chargers to the military and to private defense industry in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, as well as water-activated lifejacket lights (WABs) for commercial aviation and marine applications, through our subsidiary Epsilor-Electric Fuel, Ltd. (“Epsilor-EFL”), at Epsilor- EFL’s facilities located in Beit Shemesh, Israel.
  • We design and manufacture power systems including vehicle power, clean power generation systems, power distribution and power management products. In addition to the products we have developed we manufacture simple through complex cable assemblies, circuit card assemblies and large integrated multi-rack assemblies. We develop and manufacture electronic components and subsystems for military, aerospace and industrial customer through our subsidiary UEC Electronics (“UEC”) in South Carolina.
  • We develop, manufacture and market primary Zinc-Air batteries, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for the military, focusing on applications that demand high energy and light weight through our subsidiary Electric Fuel Battery Corporation (“EFB”), currently being strategically relocated to our UEC facilities.
  • Arotech’s solutions are produced primarily for military, aerospace and industrial customers.


Power wherever and whenever you need it. Optimizing power from generators, renewable resources and batteries to provide continuous AC/DC power.
Huge batteries - high energy density and high performance at extreme temperature levels to power missile launchers and other specialized uses
Extend the life of military vehicles and equipment using dual/dual architecture and fault tolerant power control systems.
Underwater and UAVs - power solutions for unmanned vehicles - space, air and underwater, silent watch features and unmatched reliability

Power Systems Division Businesses

Epsilor-Electric Fuel, Ltd.

Epsilor-Electric Fuel, Ltd.

Epsilor is a world leader in the development and production of custom and mobile portable power systems for the military, medical, aerospace, industrial and EV markets. Epsilor’s expertise lies in battery cell selection, primary and rechargeable battery pack design, assembly and electronic circuitry; battery charging systems and smart charging electronics. Customers include government agencies, the military and large corporations.

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UEC Electronics, LLC

UEC Electronics, LLC

UEC is a product design and manufacturing company. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing power systems which include vehicle power, clean energy power generation systems, power distribution and power management products. UEC Electronics is able to assist our customers anywhere within the product development lifecycle.

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Electric Fuel Battery Corporation

Electric Fuel Battery Corporation

Electric Fuel Battery Corporation is engaged in the development and production of high-end primary and rechargeable batteries, associated chargers and battery electronics. EFB provides a range of services including battery cell selection; battery pack design, assembly and electronics; battery charging systems and smart charging electronics. Electric Fuel has been in business since 1994, specializing in all facets of battery and charger technology and has developed batteries ranging from large ones for electric buses weighing over one and a half tons, to small batteries weighing less than 3 ounces used in cellular telephones.

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Key Programs

Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network Systems (GREENS)

  • A man-transportable renewable energy solution for austere environments
  • Significant opportunity with US army over next five years

Distributed Power Control and Management System (DPCMS)

DPCMS: Modernization of electrical systems for military tactical vehicles. The program can be applied across various platforms such as LAV, AAV, and HMMWV

  • Reduces weight of vehicle
  • Makes LAV platform viable until 2035 -20 years beyond its acquisition
  • DPCMS competitive advantages: Modular and Reconfigurable, Expandable, Supportability, Maintainability, Survivability, Usability, and Reduced cost

Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment Systems (SWIPES)

  • Efficient energy system for Future Soldier virtually eliminates the need to carry spare batteries. Batteries are always fully charged.
  • SWIPES power distribution system integrates into the soldier's tactical vest, to directly power essential electronics and continuously charge secondary batteries in items such as radios, GPS units and shot detection systems.
  • Less than two pounds, SWIPES™ is designed with the Warfighter's comfort and efficiency in mind. It is modular and easily customizable to many configurations
  • Program of Record with the Army’s PM Soldier Power

Submarine Batteries

Epsilor is a world leader in designing and manufacturing lithium energy packs and chargers for manned and unmanned underwater vehicles. Epsilor is able to produce high energy density underwater lithium-ion battery packs that meet stringent submarine safety requirements and that weigh dramatically less than the traditional lead-acid solutions. These lithium energy packs meet the demands of an underwater power solution able to withstand ocean pressure and provide long mission times.

About Arotech

Arotech creates quality defense and security products for the military, law enforcement and homeland security markets.