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Innovative design, rapid prototyping and lean manufacturing for aerospace, defense, medical and industrial applications worldwide

  • We design and manufacture power systems including vehicle power, clean power generation systems, power distribution and power management products. In addition to the products we have developed we manufacture simple through complex cable assemblies, circuit card assemblies and large integrated multi-rack assemblies. We develop and manufacture electronic components and subsystems for military, aerospace and industrial customer through our subsidiary UEC Electronics (“UEC”) in South Carolina.
  • Arotech’s solutions are produced primarily for military, aerospace and industrial customers.


Power wherever and whenever you need it. Optimizing power from generators, renewable resources and batteries to provide continuous AC/DC power. Extend the life of military vehicles and equipment using dual/dual architecture and fault tolerant power control systems.

Advanced Electronics Division Businesses

UEC Electronics, LLC

UEC Electronics, LLC

UEC is a product design and manufacturing company. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing power systems which include vehicle power, clean energy power generation systems, power distribution and power management products. UEC Electronics is able to assist our customers anywhere within the product development lifecycle.

UEC offers comprehensive solutions in engineering design, product development, rapid prototyping, and lean, innovative manufacturing services. UEC’s core competencies include all facets of system engineering and requirements management, electrical, mechanical and software engineering and reverse engineering and life-cycle extension. Our Charleston campus encompasses over 62,000 square feet of engineering, integration, production, and testing facilities. Our experienced project managers ensure timely and responsive deliveries to meet your needs and schedules.

UEC is incredibly fortunate to have a highly skilled, dynamic and responsive management team and work force. Every employee is empowered to facilitate and ensure continuous improvement and ultimately our Customers’ success. UEC’s diverse and highly experienced design and engineering team is comprised of system, electrical, electronic, software, and mechanical engineering professionals who work collaboratively to create unique and robust engineering solutions.

UEC is ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, and CMMI Dev Level 3 certified and has been the recipient of many distinguished awards. Please select the "Awards" link here to view them.

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Aldetec, Incorporated is a provider of custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) and RF Amplifier equipment for the commercial, military, and space flight industry sectors. Recognized for its expertise, quality, and systems capabilities, Aldetec supplies a broad range of amplifier solutions for aerospace, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), shipboard applications, radar, missile systems, airborne satellite communications (SATCOM), and antenna systems (VSAT).

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Broadband Wireless

Broadband Wireless

Broadband Wireless specializes in high efficiency power amplifiers from HF through X-band. Our customers trust us to take them through the entire life cycle from conception through production. Our quality management systems are compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

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US Tech

US Tech

United States Technologies (UST) is a state-of the-art design, engineering, manufacturing and service company specializing in complex, critical electronic components, sub-assemblies, and high performance RF/Microwave, power applications.

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Key Programs

Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network Systems (GREENS)

  • A man-transportable renewable energy solution for austere environments
  • Significant opportunity with US army over next five years

Distributed Power Control and Management System (DPCMS)

DPCMS: Modernization of electrical systems for military tactical vehicles. The program can be applied across various platforms such as LAV, AAV, and HMMWV

  • Reduces weight of vehicle
  • Makes LAV platform viable until 2035 -20 years beyond its acquisition
  • DPCMS competitive advantages: Modular and Reconfigurable, Expandable, Supportability, Maintainability, Survivability, Usability, and Reduced cost

Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment Systems (SWIPES)

  • Efficient energy system for Future Soldier virtually eliminates the need to carry spare batteries. Batteries are always fully charged.
  • SWIPES power distribution system integrates into the soldier's tactical vest, to directly power essential electronics and continuously charge secondary batteries in items such as radios, GPS units and shot detection systems.
  • Less than two pounds, SWIPES™ is designed with the Warfighter's comfort and efficiency in mind. It is modular and easily customizable to many configurations
  • Program of Record with the Army’s PM Soldier Power

About Arotech

Arotech creates quality defense and security products for the military, law enforcement and homeland security markets.