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Power Systems Division

 Superior and sustained performance, communication, and mobility are vital to success – everywhere, every day.

That is why Arotech’s engineers constantly strive to develop the technologically outstanding Power Systems that customers need. Arotech’s Power Systems provide the highest quality portable energy solutions for satellite launch vehicles, unmanned vehicles, remote and austere locations, mobile communication platforms, power generation, storage and management, and much more. And our engineering expertise guarantees that our customers stay safe, stay charged, and stay mobile.

For customized and cutting edge portable energy solutions spanning rechargeable batteries and their related chargers, primary battery packs with smart electronics, wearable power sources, lithium to zinc chemistries, power sources for extreme and harsh conditions from undersea to outer space, Arotech’s Power Systems Division has your solution. And we relentlessly pursue better and safer solutions to meet ever evolving requirements. Our outstanding capabilities and personnel, over our various companies, brands and products are dedicated to delivering the power solutions you need to complete your mission. Explore the possibilities.

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Training and Simulation Division

  • At Arotech, we understand that being prepared and properly trained is critical when lives are on the line. Arotech customers confidently entrust the safety of their personnel and their multi-million dollar resources to our tried and true training and simulation solutions. Arotech, a world leader in simulation based training solutions, creates state of the art operator training products that allow law enforcement, military and public safety agencies around the world to train more effectively than ever before, simultaneously increasing safety and cutting costs.
  • Arotech's Training and Simulation Division [ATSD] provides simulators, systems engineering and software products to the United States military, government and private industry through our subsidiary FAAC Incorporated (“FAAC”). Through FAAC, we also provide specialized “use of force” training for police, security personnel, and the military and other first responders under the MILO brand. In addition, we supply research simulators to labs and automotive manufacturers.
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Power Systems Division Businesses

Training and Simulation Businesses

FAAC Incorporated

FAAC Incorporated

For more than 30 years FAAC has provided systems engineering and software products to the U.S. government and private industry. We take a hands-on approach to developing our solutions, conducting tactical land and air combat analyses, and developing analytical models and simulations. The result is turnkey training systems for the US military and their related industrial contractors. Our services encompass all stages of a job, from problem definition to conceptual innovation and final solution.

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Milo Range

Milo Range

We supply interactive, multimedia, fully digital simulation training products to law enforcement, governmental and commercial clients to a large customer base in twenty countries around the world. MILO Range is the brand name of what was formerly our IES Interactive Training nameplate. Since 1994, our award-winning MILO Range product line has been continuously selected as the de-facto training simulator for all branches of law enforcement, military, security and public safety agencies throughout the United States and the world.

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Realtime Technologies

Realtime Technologies

Realtime Technologies (RTI) was founded in 1998 and was added to our Simulation group in 2008. RTI specializes in multi-body vehicle dynamics modeling and graphical simulation solutions and offers simulation software applications, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and software and hardware development.

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