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A Note from our CEO

In 2017, I was pleased to see our financial performance improve during the year as our sales grew. Our annual results represented revenue and earnings improvement over 2016, despite a slow start during the first half of the year. The demand we are seeing in our Simulation Division is especially encouraging, and should help drive our performance in 2018 and beyond.

Our team continued to focus in 2017 on the need to constrain corporate costs and set a tone for the organization that streamlines operations. Our focus is on shareholder value and we are not satisfied with our cur-rent growth rate. Both of our divisions are executing on important programs that are expected to provide near term stability while we continue to make the investments needed to further our long term objectives and capture the significant opportunities we see for our technologies. We introduced new products in both of our business areas, including new battery solutions, hybrid power capabilities, and driver operator simulators, and we bolstered our sales efforts for those products. We ended the year with improved backlog and look forward to continuing to build on our sales momentum.

I appreciate the trust that has been placed in me by Arotech's board of directors and shareholders, and I look forward to working alongside the dedicated employees of our Training and Simulation and Power Systems Divisions to realize the potential of Arotech.


  • Our weapon simulation technology is built into all US fighter planes.

    • Our weapon simulation technology established and remains the standard for real-time weapons assessment. This capability used on air combat training ranges world-wide has expanded from strictly training to the tactical world through our Zone Acquisition Program (ZAP). ZAP has been integrated into the Operational Flight Program of every US fighter plane to provide pilots a highly accurate understanding of the weapon’s capabilities. ZAP was a revolutionary leap in capability to the US warfighter, replacing low-fidelity coefficient driven algorithms, with accurate high-speed simulations.
  • Recipient of EMS Top Product awards

    • MILO Response received 2014 EMS World New Product Innovation and EMS Today HOT Product awards
  • Contribution to Road Safety – Recognition by APTA

    • MILO Response received 2014 EMS World New Product Innovation and EMS Today HOT Product awards
  • We service 80% of the world aviation market with our WABs

    • Our water activated survivor locator lights are found on all sorts of seafaring craft located around the globe.
  • Recipient of numerous KEY SUPPLIER awards.

    • Our UEC Electronics subsidiary received a prestigious 4-Star Supplier award from Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems. This honor is given to only a handful of suppliers who demonstrated exceptional quality and delivery performance on key programs.
    • Lockheed Martin recognized UEC Electronics 2014 performance as outstanding.  UEC Electronics achieved 100% on-time delivery and 100% quality throughout 2014.
  • APSD products twice chosen as one of the U.S. Army's "Ten Greatest Inventions."

    • Since 2003, the Army Materiel Command has conducted the Army's Greatest Inventions program to encourage and reward those fighting wars from research labs by developing the best technology solutions for the soldier. The top picks are chosen by soldiers from active-Army divisions and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command according to three criteria: impact on Army capabilities, potential benefits outside the Army and inventiveness. Our SWIPES™ product was designated in 2010 and our BA-8180/U Zinc-Air Battery in 2003 as one of the best technology solutions for the soldier.
  • APSD power solutions are in use everywhere from undersea to outer space.

    • Epsilor-Electric Fuel has batteries in use in zero tolerance, harsh and extreme environments where product failure is not an option: underwater, at sea, on land, in the air and in space.
    • UEC has designed a vehicle electrical system which can extend the life of aging vehicles:  taking advantage of the newer automotive protocols and delivering dual-redundant, expandable power. 
    • UEC has a 1300Watt /hour battery tested and approved for air shipment worldwide. (UN/DOT Class 9) 
  • Our Power Sources Division has made a difference in the global quest for GREEN energy

    • Epsilor-Electric Fuel has successfully converted the Israel Defense Forces from use of primary batteries to rechargeable batteries.
    • Epsilor-Electric Fuel (Israel) is nationally recognized for its expertise in the development of metal-air batteries, and is a member of an Israeli consortium developing cutting-edge technologies to power electric vehicles.
    • UEC designed and built the only renewable energy power generation program of record for the US Department of Defense (GREENS) which has replaced generators with clean silent power.
  • Economic Growth Recognition

    • ATSD is a 2014 Ann Arbor SPARK FastTrak award recipient for average annual growth of 20% for preceding three years.