Arotech Corporation

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At Arotech, we develop the engineering and technology solutions that foster new product innovation. Our goal is to provide our customers with the technically creative solutions they need for maximum preparedness, safety, confidence and flexibility.

Divisions & Businesses

Arotech's Power Systems Division (APSD)

Arotech's Power Systems Division develops and provides sophisticated portable energy solutions for diverse applications designed to complex and demanding customer specifications from vehicle power, clean energy power generation, power distribution and management, military field equipment  to life-vest lights, satellite radios and unmanned vehicles. Arotech’s solutions are produced primarily for military, aerospace and industrial customers.

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Arotech's Training and Simulation Division (ATSD)

Arotech's Training and Simulation Division develops and provides an extensive array of trainers and simulators for all kinds of equipment and situations for military, law enforcement and commercial customers. Our simulators safely and economically train people from municipal rail and bus drivers to military convoy crews to respond immediately and appropriately in threatening and dangerous situations while under extreme pressure. 

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