Arotech Corporation

IES Interactive

Arotech Corporation provides quality defense and security products for the military, law enforcement and homeland security markets, including advanced zinc-air and lithium batteries and chargers, multimedia interactive simulators and trainers. Arotech operates two business divisions: Battery and Power Systems and Simulation, Training and Consulting.

The Battery and Power Systems Division includes:

Electric Fuel Corporation – developing and manufacturing zinc-air batteries for military applications, located in Auburn, Alabama, USA;
Epsilor Electronic Industries – developing and manufacturing military rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium batteries and smart chargers, located in Israel;

The Simulation, Training and Consulting Division includes:

IES Interactive Training – developing and manufacturing simulators and training courses for police and law enforcement agencies, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan
FAAC Incorporated – develops and manufactures simulations and trainers for air combat applications and vehicle driving operations, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Realtime Technologies - offers consulting services, applications, and custom solutions specializing in multibody vehicle dynamics and graphical simulations, located in Royal Oak, Michigan